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Fresh Produce

$29.95 per kg
Dates Fresh
$24.90 per kg
Figs kg
$20.99 per kg
Wild Rocket 500g bag
$19.80 per kg
Spinach Loose 500g bag
$19.80 per kg
Snow Peas Loose
$15.90 per kg
Grapes Green (​10kg per box)
$15.90 per kg
Chilies Green
$15.90 per kg
Fresh Walnuts
$14.90 per kg
$12.95 per kg $12.95 per kg
$12.90 per kg
Potatoes Kennebec 10kg
$11.90 each
Potatoes Dutch Cream 10kg
$11.90 each
Capsicum Yellow
$11.90 per kg
Beans Green
$11.90 per kg
Potatoes - Nicola 10kg
$10.95 each
Mushrooms Cup
$10.90 per kg
Jerusalem Artichokes
$10.90 per kg
$9.95 per kg
was $14.90 $9.90 per kg
Capsicum Green
$9.90 per kg
Tomatoes Truss
$8.90 per kg
Capsicum Red
$8.90 per kg
$7.95 per kg
Will Smith & Son Org Apples 2kg
$7.90 each
Pears - Corella
$7.90 per kg
Organic Apples - Will smith And Sons 2kg
$7.90 each
$6.90 per kg
R&​R Smith Org P/​Lady Apples 1kg
$6.90 each
Oranges Dolce
$6.90 per kg
$6.90 each
Blueberries Punnet 125g
$6.90 each
Potatoes Washed 2kg
$5.95 each $2.98 per kg
Brussel Sprouts
$5.95 per kg
Shiitake Mushrooms 150g
$5.90 each $3.93 per 100g
R&​R Smith Org Gala Apples 1kg
was $6.90 $5.90 each
Oyster Mushrooms 150g
$5.90 each $3.93 per 100g
Onions Brown 10Kg
$5.90 each
King Oyster Mushrooms
$5.90 each
King Oyster Mushrooms
$5.90 each
Baby Wombok
$5.90 each
Apples Envy
$5.90 per kg
Apples - Jazz
$5.90 per kg
Topless Pineapple
$4.98 each
Lettuce Iceberg
$4.95 each
$4.90 each
Tomatoes Vine Ripened
$4.90 per kg
Tomato Medley 200g
$4.90 each
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Dear Customers,

The roadworks along the Tasman Highway near the entrance to Orford have finally ended, therefore we will be returning our East Coast delivery run to once a week every Friday for all customers.

This will take effect the week commencing Monday 9 August 2021, therefore your first weekly Friday delivery will be 13 August 2021.

This zone will be fulfilled between 10am to 5pm every Friday. Orders will need to be placed before 11.30pm the Tuesday prior to delivery on the Friday. We encourage you to place your orders before the cut off to make sure our system has enough time to process your orders. The same applies for adding products to your existing order, this can only be done before the cut off point.

Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your continued support.

Hill Street Grocer