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Fresh Produce

Rosemary Bunch
$3.95 each
Onions White Loose
$5.90 per kg
Tarragon Bunch
$3.95 each
Fresh Walnuts
$12.90 per kg
Oyster Mushrooms 150g
$4.90 each
Curry Leaves 10gm
$3.95 each $0.79 per 10g
Kennebec Brushed Potatoes 2kg Bag
$4.90 each $2.45 per kg
Onions Brown 10Kg
$8.90 each
Bay Leaves
$3.95 each
Enoki Mushrooms 100g
$2.90 each $2.90 per 100g
lime leaves 10g
$3.95 each $3.95 per 100g
Potatoes Nicola Brushed Kg
$3.90 per kg
Snackables Carrots 250gm
$2.90 each
Topless Pineapple
$4.98 each
Huski Greens Lettuce Mix 100g
$5.00 each $5.00 per 100g
Nicola Potatoes
$3.90 per kg
Blueberries Punnet 125g
$3.90 each
Oyster Mushrooms 150g
$4.90 each
P/​Sprouts Corriander Herb Pot
$4.90 each
Red Currants Punnet
$5.95 each
Tru Blue Bluberries 500gm
$9.90 each
Tru Blue Blueberries 500gm
$9.90 each
5kg Cherries
$65.00 each $13.00 per kg
Mushrooms Wild
$39.90 per kg
$17.90 per kg
$3.90 each
Sweet Corn Tray P/​Pack
$4.90 each
Jcs Portugese Fiesta Mix 330gm
was $8.50 $7.49 each $22.70 per kg
Oyster Mushrooms 150g
$4.90 each
Snackables Baby Beans 200g
$2.40 each $1.20 per 100g
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