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Shearwater Bean Shoots 250g
$3.50 each $1.40 per 100g
Dutch Cream Brushed Potatoes 2kg Bag
$4.90 each $2.45 per kg
Snowpea Tendril Shoots 100g
$3.00 each
Angel Sweet Snacking Tomatoes 200g
$4.55 each
Mint Bunch
$3.95 each
Grapefruit Ruby
$4.90 per kg
Parsley Bunch
$2.55 each
Pak Choy
$2.90 each
Beetroot Bunches
$4.90 each
Ruby Red Potatoes
$3.90 per kg
Dill Bunch
$3.95 each
Kennebec Brushed Potatoes 2kg Bag
$4.90 each $2.45 per kg
Sweet Corn Tray P/​Pack
$4.90 each
Honeydew Melon
$4.45 each
Honeydew Melon Half
$2.25 each
Thyme Bunch
$3.95 each
Potatoes Kennebec 10kg
$11.90 each
Chives Bunch
$3.95 each
Apples Fuji
$4.90 per kg
Houston's Farm Mediterranean Mix 120g
$3.95 each $32.92 per kg
Figs kg
$20.99 per kg
Rhubarb bunch
$4.90 each
Cabbage Green Quarter
$1.25 each
Chilies Green
$15.90 per kg
Nicola Potatoes
$3.90 per kg
Apples Envy
$5.90 per kg
$4.90 each
Grapefruit Yellow
$4.90 per kg
Onions Brown 10Kg
$8.90 each
Potatoes Red Rascals
$3.95 per kg
Rosemary Bunch
$3.95 each
Enoki Mushrooms 200gm
$2.50 each
Kale Curly
$3.50 each
Potatoes King Edward Loose
$3.90 per kg
Garden Pea Sprout 100g
$3.00 each
Paw Paw Full
$6.90 each $6.90 per kg
Onions White Loose
$3.90 per kg
Pears - Corella
$4.90 per kg
King Edward Washed Potatoes 2kg Bag
$4.90 each $2.45 per kg
Fresh Walnuts
$13.90 per kg
$49.90 per kg
Shiitake Mushrooms
$49.90 per kg
Cabbage Red Quarter
$1.20 each
Tarragon Bunch
$3.95 each
Topless Pineapple
$4.98 each
Paw Paw Half
$3.90 each
lime leaves 10g
$3.95 each $3.95 per 100g
Oregano Bunch
$3.95 each
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